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• History Resources

A Brief (But Mostly True) History of Salons and Famous Salons & People Who Attended Salons: http://www.kaschaandjohn.com/salon/index.html

About Salons by Beth Gersh-Nesic: www.arthistory.about.com/od/glossary_s/a/s_salon.htm

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Jewish Women early 19th century in Art and Architecture, mainly: http://melbourneblogger.blogspot.com/2008/11/jewish-women-and-their-salons.html (lovely pictures)

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Salka Viertel video: www.vimeo.com/13557329

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The Blue Stocking History and information about a present day adaptation! For those who enjoy burlesque with brains, the bluestockings welcome you to join their own wayward spin on a women's institute for the night as they challenge your assumptions. .http://bluestockingssociety.wordpress.com/the-blue-stocking-history/ See: Blue Stockings, Brains and Bad Behaviour

Cabaret artist Tricity Vogue, co-founder of Night of The Blue Stockings, explores her gathering's historical origins
Published in the Erotic Review, Stockings Issue, Autumn 2010 http://www.eroticreviewmagazine.com/

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Twentieth and 21st Century Salons You'd Kill to Get in on: http://flavorwire.com/412704/10-20th-and-21st-century-salons-youd-kill-to-get-in-on/

Visit some of History's Most Famous Salons: http://flavorwire.com/384141/visit-some-of-historys-most-famous-literary-salons/3/ (More paintings and pictures)

What's a Bluestocking? http://www.basbleu.com/info/bluestocking.hzml

Women's literary salons and societies in the Arab World from Wikipedia ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_Literary_Salons_and_Societies_in_the_Arab_World