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Rhythm & Verse -- Where We Began

Rhythm and Verse Salon was born in March of 2013 inspired by a rich history of cultural salons hosted by women throughout Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas - beginning in pre-Islamic Arabia - continuing through to today. We began as a literary, music and visual arts' salon adding theater arts to our 'tasting menu' in January of 2016. Throughout history, salons have created a critical outlet for voices that otherwise might not have been heard. Think Gertrude Stein, Mable Dodge Luhan, Ada Leverson, Madame Geoffrin, Amalie Beer, Salka Viertl, Vica Miller.

With this tradition in mind, I hoped to create a venue where artists and creatives - of all genres - could gather, share their work, be inspired by one another and have the opportunity to freely exchange ideas in a warm, welcoming and non-judgmental space. I envisioned Rhythm and Verse - in the best tradition of a salon: as a community. Here, artistic expression and ideas are shared, discovered, and creative learning valued.


Susan H Robbins, PhD
Creator and host of the Rhythm and Verse Salon
Susan is a lover of the arts and a published poet. She has performed her poetry in venues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York and serves as on the board of the Philadelphia Writers' Conference. In her 'other life' Susan is a research professional and passionate about her work as an independent consultant providing program evaluation services within education, the arts, and health and human services sectors. She holds a doctorate from Stanford University.

In creating Rhythm and Verse, she was inspired by a rich tradition, dating back centuries, of women hosting salons where the arts were supported and nurtured - where writers, musicians and visual artists would come together for conversation and to share their diverse expressions. She was inspired, too, by the musical salon her mother, a theater director and actress, hosted around a rented piano. Susan was honored, at the age of ten, to be placed in charge of the folding chairs and tea!

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